Smart Bets: The FunK Experience

Article By: Mountain Express (Asheville, NC)
Written By: Edwin Arnaudin

The Funk Experience Press Photo
Photo by: Holly Bowen

Featuring a staggering union of funk royalty, The FunK Experience combines the talents of Funkadelic founding member Billy Bass Nelson, Gary “Mudbone” Cooper (P-Funk, Bootsy’s Rubber Band) and guitarist Tracey “Spacey T” Singleton (Fishbone, Mother’s Finest). Together, with additional special guests, the all-star ensemble seeks to celebrate Funkadelic’s legacy and those of the genre’s other standout contributors while putting distinct, fresh spins on classic material.


“Just caught the show…Holy smokes, definitely the REAL DEAL!!!! Truly nasty and legendary. Honestly, this was a very memorable show and one of my favorites ever. Billy Bass, deep in the pocket. Mudbone leading the charge, lightin’ up the room… Tracey Singleton, mindblowing guitar work…Jimi/Eddie/Hampton/SpaceyT …. guitar gods. Doin’ Maggotbrain justice and beyond. That raw early Funkadelic sound, through and through….catch these guys when you can…”there’s a good time waitin’ for you…” THANK YOU to Billy/Mudbone for keeping the True Funk alive! So rare these days. Please keep playing and touring…this show is going in my lifetime memory bank.”

– Nic Coker, Asheville NC

“Any show starring Triple OG & Original Funkadelic Bassist, Billy “Bass” Nelson, Gary “Mudbone” Cooper (Parliament, P-Funk, Bootsy’s Rubber Band, Sly Fox, Dave Stewart), along with Tracey “Spacey T” Singleton (Fishbone, Mother’s Finest, Soundbarrier) is Qualified to Satisfy!!! Pure, uncut funk. Doin’ it to you in your ear hole.”

– Joshua Boehringer, Boston MA